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Saddle Adjustment

Wir begleiten Sie mit dem passenden Sattel – vom Anreiten bis zur Pensionierung!


  • Sale of new and used saddles
  • Upholstering and refitting
  • Exchange of seams
  • Adjustment of the gullet width
  • Repair
  • Exchange and purchase


We provide a professional adjustment and counseling locally. Our mobile saddle Transportation is by appointment to you in the barn. It has place for over 80 new and used saddles. On request, we bring special saddle brands and types. In this case please inform us when you make an appointment or through our contact form.


At the beginning we are going to make us an overall impression of your horse. Then we are taking our time to measure the back of the horse by means of professional tools. If present we take a look at your current saddle and provide information about its fitting. The fact whether you use a Pad is considered. It is possible to give your old saddle in purchase.


We set up a file for each horse to provide us information about age, weight, sex, gullet width, muscular changes and development of the back. In this way it is possible to detect changes of the body of your horse. This is especially important for young horses.
From the measured data and wishes of the rider, we select a saddle that suits both the horse and the rider. For a correct assessment of the fit of the saddle is it important to put the saddle without the saddle blanket on the horse.


To take a look of the saddle in movement you can do test rides in different horse paces. We are enthusiastic horse riders and recognize seat errors or tensions to include in our choice. We observe horse and its owner in movement and listen to the new experience of the rider with the saddle. Following this, we control the sign-offs on the saddle pads and horseback.



We would like to point out that the development of a horse changes constantly. In a very short time the stature and especially the horseback can change by training breaks and disease.